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Healing 101

Healing 101

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Healing 101

Healing 101



Healing 101

Paving our Life's Path

The course “Healing 101” is an introduction to healing using the CCH method I’ve developed. In the course I share insights I have gained regarding the source of suffering, dealing with situations of suffering and ways to prevent suffering among you and your loved ones, using innate inner abilities, allowing you to pave your life's path.

In this course, you will learn how you can take the CCH method into your life to help free yourself and the next generations to freedom from emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual limitations. I answer questions like: Why is it important to work in the world of reasons? Where in the human body lies the world of causes of suffering? How do I access the world of causes? Is trauma a fate or is it a reality of life that can be prevented? I also address other questions that preoccupy many people.

It is important that the mind remain engaged in learning and positive and creative thinking. This will happen when each day you will allow yourself to listen and learn content that will lead you to stay connected, attentive, loving, focused, and patient, both to yourself and to others.

I invite you to listen to the contents and allow positive processes to occur in your life.