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Strengthen the Immune System

Strengthen the Immune System

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Strengthen the Immune System

Strengthen the Immune System



Strengthen the Immune System

Strengthening the immune system and reducing stress

Recent developments in the spread of Coronavirus have led many to anxiety and worry. Even for those who have experience of healing in one method or another, it is sometimes unclear what to focus on and what is right to do. This fact illustrated the helplessness that many people have in various acute situations: what is right to do? What will help us most? What to focus on?

It's important to understand one thing:There is much you can do in your current situation. You have the power to strengthen your immune system and that of your children, and thereby reduce the chance for getting sick as well as help the body recover and heal faster in various illness situations.

The course Strengthening the immune system is a short and accelerated course for self-healing. The course consists of a collection of lessons and techniques aimed at reducing stress and strengthening your immune system and that of your family members. The course is suitable for people who are healthy and those who suffer from illness. It helps both in common situations like fever and in more complex situations. No prior experience or knowledge is required.

I recommend that you do the whole course in sequence and then go back and do all the techniques in depth. You can listen on the teachings and techniques anytime, anywhere, even while you are doing your household chores. Let your children listen and follow the techniques and let them learn to heal themselves.