What is the Heal2Heal Network?

The “Heal2Heal™ Network” is an online monthly subscription plan that gives you an opportunity to learn knowledge that can better your well-being and that of your children, while staying on a constant path of personal growth.

As a member, you receive a monthly online lesson with teachings and techniques by Hannah Pilnick. You also have access to the member-only private group and get help along your life journey.

Hannah Pilnick

What does the subscription include?

Receive a monthly online lesson by Hannah Pilnick

Content never expires as long as your membership is active

Get access to the private Q&A Facebook group for members only

Receive 3 FREE online courses of your choice

Your free courses are available for 12 months

Free membership in Together Healing Groups*

* Leaving the Bubble program graduates only

Receive occasional additional benefits exclusive for members

Technical support by phone, email & private messaging

Membership cost

We've developed a fair pricing model in which your setup fee is already covered upon registration by receiving 3 online courses of your choice. In addition, you start paying only for next month, so you also get this month free, including this month's lesson.

Monthly subscription fee of €25

One-time setup fee of €150

You can unsubscribe at any time

Remain on a path of healing & growth

The Heal2Heal™ Network subscription includes members from different countries, having various belief systems, religions and cultures - but a shared vision to use their innate abilities to pave a path of happiness, health and self-realization, for themselves and their children.