Loving Life

5½-week Mentoring Program
Loving Life - 5½-week Mentoring Program
Building a positive foundation for creating reality
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No matter how much you have in life, how successful you are, how good you are or how much you suffer and hurt,

As long as you live, you will always feel hungry to create something new for you or your loved ones.

Passion for change propels a person forward and keeps them alive.

If creating reality was a trivial matter, you would push a button before bed and get up in the morning with a new reality. But creating reality, in any field, is sometimes simple and short-term and sometimes very complex and long.

When many things you want to achieve have already been achieved by others, it will be easy for you to understand that you, too, can succeed

And you will embark on a journey of creating reality with complete faith that you can too!

Complexity begins when time passes and you fail to achieve what you want, or what you want to achieve is beyond your ability to believe that you are capable.

In these situations, people may give up or feel defeated, tired, scared, helpless, tense, lack faith and passion, and most importantly, experience great suffering. Do people in this situation love their lives?

I believe that in order to enjoy life and make the most of it, pepole must learn to love life even when it is complex, painful and difficult for them and their loved ones.

But, how can you love life when you feel closed in the maze and have no idea how to get out of it?

So how can one feel loved and wrapped up and love life when there is daily suffering and pain?

In the "Loving Life" program, you will learn the connection between your deep inner self and what is reflected in your life, i.e . events, life circumstances and the people you meet and deal with, and how you have the power to influence them and make them more positive, thus improve your life and that of your loved ones.

I have built for you a training program that will lead you to look at your relationship with yourself and the world, a program that will lead you to connect and listen to your inner self and be more positive, a program that will lead you to a process of cleanliness that would lead to mental sharpness, seeing the good, seeking the good and finding it.

The Loving Life program includes my pre-recorded daily guidance as well as a plan that comes with support sessions throughout the program with facilitators I have certified.

❤️ Hannah

Hannah Pilnick

Hannah Pilnick

Curriculum Building Blocks

Part 1

Gifts from the Universe

The universe is here for us to help us at every moment in our life journey. In the Loving Life program we will learn what we need to do and how to conduct ourselves in order to receive gifts from the universe and make the universe our ultimate business partner.

Part 2

Reaping what we Sowed

Is it true that whenever we give, we always reap and bring goodness to our lives? Not necessarily. Sometimes our giving will not bear fruit. In this part of the program we will learn what needs to be done to reap the fruits of our investment.

Part 3

The Power of Words

The word has tremendous power. Both in our inner conversations and with those around us. Either we whisper the words in our heart or say them out loud, the words we choose have greatly influence the future we invite to ourselves as well as the future of others. The words we choose can either hurt or empower us as well as others. In this section we will learn how to harness the power of words to serve us and those around us.

Part 4

The Universe - Business Partner

Now that we know how to act in a way that will harness the universe to help us, we will learn and apply the tools that will connect us to the source of abundance and goodness, and will use the universe as our “business partner”.

Part 5

Loving Life

In this part of the program we will apply daily, for 10 days, everything we have learned and assimilate the knowledge so that even later in our life routine we will love life and life will love us.

Pricing Plans


With guided meetings


5½ weeks

Online lessons1

Online group meetings2

Content available throughout the program + 1 week

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1 The online lessons are pre-recorded and are guided by Hannah Pilnick.

2 The program “Loving Life” was developed and written by Hannah Pilnick, and the group support sessions are delivered by facilitators who have been trained and certified by her. Some classes are accompanied by group sessions and others are based on self-study. Details of which classes include group sessions can be found in the link “Meeting Dates”.

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