The Hardest Part of the Race

Hannah Pilnick - The Hardest Part of the Race


The arrival of a new year is a great opportunity to take a short break from the race of life and start tuning ourselves to new beginnings we desire.

This led me to recall the time before COVID when my son Jonathan used to train 5 times a week for field races in which he used to participate regularly.

One day when he came back home from a race. I saw he was really exhausted.
I asked him what's going on? And he answered:“Mom, I realized something important today.”
I asked curiously, what? Then he explained:

In every race I feel great stress that doesn’t allow me to enjoy.
Although the training is very intense and requires a lot of physical strength from me, I learned to enjoy them. But the stress before the races takes over and affects me physically and I feel a great weakness.
Today, something else happened to me. During the race, I had a sentence that I repeated over and over again "the hardest part of the race is starting it".
I realized that the most difficult part for me is the beginning and in my opinion it is true for all areas of life, the most difficult part is the beginning. Then, after you start, everything flows better.

I replied to him: I agree with you and I call it transitions!

Human beings want to be comfortable and cozy and therefore prefer to stay in a situation that is comfortable and familiar to them.

Whenever people have to step out of their comfort zone into places or situations that are less pleasant or familiar to them, they tend to stop, give up, avoid, reject, become lazy, scared, find excuses, apologize, and so fail to develop.

Think for example of a transition from heat to cold, a transition from light to darkness, a transition from a state of vacation to a state of doing, a transition from deep sleep to being awake.

The transition itself can be unpleasant, but we then adapt to the situation and go on with our lives.

Human beings, every day, are in a state of transition from one state to another.

If you find yourself not doing enough, or not doing what you most want, it doesn’t mean that you're lazy, or gutless; it is most likely because you, like most people, don’t like transitions.

So if you want to stop habits that you don’t like, if you want to get rid of something, if you want to start something new, remind yourself that it is natural for beginnings to be hard and unpleasant.

Give yourself 14 days to adjust to the transition, and after you do, things will be much easier.

I wish you a smooth transition
to better health,
improved self-fulfillment
and inner peace,
❤️ Hannah