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The Gift: The Power of Parenting by Hannah Pilnick

Reveal the Power Within You

The Ability to be a Healing Parent

In The Gift, Hannah Pilnick presents a holistic, empowering and inspiring approach to parenting. She reveals that the solution to children’s suffering lies in their parents. In doing so, she gives the reigns back to parents in shaping their children’s well being and even their future. She invites us to join in achieving her mission: to prevent suffering and uproot it from the lives of children.

A groundbraking book that brings a new approach to parenting

Read what other people think of the knowledge Hannah Pilnick reveals in her books and seminars:

“    I wish for everyone to be exposed to this work. Peace will prevail not only in our lives and the lives of our children, but in the whole world.
—MIRI GOLDIN, Ph.D., Neuroscientist Researcher
“    As an opera singer I have a very stressful life and must stay in great shape physically, mentally, and vocally. I have used this knowledge many times to prevent getting sick during rehearsals and needing to take antibiotics. It has also made it possible for me to open up more and more and become the artist I have dreamed of becoming.
Hannah gave me tools to face my deepest fears and to heal myself.
— ALMA SADE, World Renowned Opera Singer
“    For fifteen years my life was ruled by migraines. I took 15 pills a month. I used to go around at home bitter and pessimistic. I did not feel I took part in the joy of life—until I first met with the Healing Parents knowledge.
   After many years of terrible suffering, I have healed myself. Now, if I have an occasional migraine, I am reminded that cleansing work lasts a lifetime. I am not the same woman whose life was ruled by migraines anymore; today I am directed by my deepest inner self.
—RINA RAVE, Senior Instructor of Rehabilitative Art
“    After three long, painful years in which I went through 18 in vitro fertilizations (IVFs), I came to Hannah who showed me the light in the terrible darkness. She taught me how to light my life and my womb. Two months later I became pregnant and today I am a happy mother to three enlightened children.
“    We felt so helpless when we got the news from the doctors that our newborn daughter was very sick and that her life was in danger. The baby was anesthetized, hooked up to a respirator, and connected to so many tubes—a very hard scene to watch. We couldn’t even touch her. But the healing powers that exist within us mothers, and about which I have learned from Hannah’s Healing Parents knowledge, led to the longed-for change. We succeeded, Hannah and I, to treat my little baby using Hannah’s CCH techniques. Just one week after her birth, my daughter was released from the intensive care unit. The doctors were astonished. They did not believe it possible that our child could recover from her condition at all, and certainly not so quickly.
   Thank you, Hannah, for teaching me about the immense powers latent within me and my abilities to treat my loved ones.
“    There is no greater pain in the world than that of a mother whose child suffers and whom she cannot help in any way.
   When my son was first diagnosed with sever autism, with cognitive and speech delays, I felt the world was painted black. Pain and sorrow penetrated every organ in my body and into my soul. I felt helpless and frightened.
   Miraculously, I came to hear a lecture given by Hannah and she immediately embraced me with endless warmth and love. The wisdom and accessibility of the Healing Parents knowledge gave me the security and the power to heal my son. Thanks to this knowledge I know that from now on our way is lit and the darkness in our lives is now replaced with a vibrant and colorful world.
   My son’s condition improved immediately, and within one and a half years of intensive work with the Healing Parents knowledge and tools, it was determined by experts that he was no longer autistic. In fact, he tested above average in cognitive abilities for his age.
   Hannah taught me the power of love, and how a mother’s love to her son can change the world. Always.
   For that I will be eternally grateful.
“    Before attending Hannah’s workshop, for several years my marriage life was going downhill. I was angry at life, miserable, desperate, hurt and was blaming my husband for making my life such a pain. My kids were sick from time to time and were very confused about their lives. I had one foot out the door in my marriage.
   When I started the workshop, I saw myself changing. Then a miracle that I didn’t expect happened: my family changed. I understood it was I who was the cause; my family was a reflection of me.
   Since then my marriage life improved day by day. My kids got happier & healthier. I became a loving mother, wife, and a better person.
   Hannah gave me a simply healthy & joyful life as a gift.

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