About Hannah Pilnick

About Hannah Pilnick

Hannah Pilnick is an international speaker, mentor, author, developer of the 'Healing Parents' Knowledge, creator of Completion & Correction Healing™ (CCH™) method, and a therapist using the method. A graduate of the School of Classical Homeopathy and a RcHom certified.

Watch a 3-minute video about Hannah Pilnick

3-minute video about Hannah Pilnick

Hannah was born and raised in Israel. In 2008, Hannah has moved to the US, along with her husband and three children, in order to further share her knowledge and experience about healing and health.

Hannah's proficiency in seeing past experiences of human beings and experiencing them as if they happen today enables her to discover the source of people's suffering and correct it. By doing so, Hannah was able to heal people in severe physical, mental and emotional situations. Through thousands of observations on different life situation, Hannah discovered and learned the secrets of healing. Hannah organized all her knowledge and named it the "Healing Parents" Knowledge; a subset of the knowledge concerning mothers was named Transformothers®. She shares the knowledge through books, audio CDs, lectures and seminars.

Hannah has treated thousands of cases and healed severe situations in which both conventional and alternative medicine did not. Her unique way of healing has lead hundreds of people to take part in their healing process and become their own healers as well as a healer for their children and grandchildren.

In Hannah's vision, the increasing usage of the "Healing Parents" Knowledge will lead to the reality that in a few years from now, people will use the knowledge when they are healthy, and thus there will be a new generation, free of physical, emotional and mental suffering.

Hannah shifts the common healing paradigm and leads the International Heal2Heal Network that unites people internationally into a global healing community.