Completion & Correction Healing® (CCH) Method

The Healing Parents knowledge includes a holistic, energetic healing method called Completion & Correction Healing (CCH™). This healing method includes energetic healing tools and techniques which can be applied when people are healthy and thus prevent suffering from happening to them and their children. The knowledge can also be applied in any state of suffering thus enables every person to take an active part in his own healing process as well as his children's.

The CCH™ Healing method is based on love, intention, energy, and a clean awareness. The tools and the techniques are energetic, and every person can use them without any prior knowledge or experience.

Magic Keys

CCH™ leads people to live in peace with themselves, with the universe, and with the higher worlds. This method of healing is transformative, that is, it creates a transformation within the person seeking help and affects the physical, emotional, and mental well being and health.

In most cases, people who seek help do not know why they are suffering. The moment they realize the source of their suffering, they have a “magic key”, and once they choose to make use of it, endless doors, which were out of reach before, open up. Things that appeared to be unattainable become easy to do; vague inner conversations are clarified; emotions that could not be expressed are set free; physical pain experienced for years disappears as if it never happened; anger that has lasted for years is treated through conversation and clarification; a person whose presence they could not stand appears pleasant and harmless; wealth appears in their life; their partner suddenly becomes pleasant and beloved. Something happens – something changes in their living space, and dreams come true.

My guiding principle in my individual work and in instructing groups is that every person has the ability to heal himself and his beloved ones. This inner faith enables me to provide a rich language and numerous useful tools and techniques, through which the person can become his own healer without depending on me. He continues the personal process with himself and does not need my support.

A Proven Method

Following are situations in which the knowledge and the CCH™ healing method proved themselves:


The acclimatization period to a new life lasts several months. During this time babies are very dynamic. They cry a lot and are often restless, a behavior that is usually ascribed to colic. This suffering often does not result from severe belly aches but is due to experiences they had in the womb and the mother's present emotional state. Use of the knowledge leads the parents to understand the cause of their baby's suffering and treatment accordingly.

Treating additional problem like: constipation, acid reflux, blocked tear ducts, skin conditions such as rashes or thick flaky scalp skin, respiration problems, malnourishment, developmental issues, ear problems such as abscess behind the ear, hearing problems, and fluid in the ear, mouth sores, excess saliva, teething difficulties, pneumonia, bronchitis, strengthening immune deficiencies, children's diseases.


ADD, ADHD, retardation, Autism, PDD, ear problems such as fluid or repeating infections, eye infections, bed wetting, fears and unstable emotional conditions, mild to severe skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis, asthma, bronchitis, tonsillitis, various allergies such as food, animal, dust, etc., weak immune system.


In conditions in which the fetus is not developing properly, premature contractions, amniotic fluid leakage.


Fertility issues such as problems conceiving, miscarriage, various lumps in the reproductive organs, various issues with the menstrual cycle such as pain, irregularities or PMS, libido issues, issues during pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, excess saliva, premature contractions, breech baby turning, sleep problems, various pains, rashes, various fetal condition, fears and unstable emotional conditions, preparation for and assistance during delivery, various hormonal problems, hot flashes, menopause, hair loss, repeating urine tract or vaginal infections.


Fertility issues, reproductive organ issues such as impotence, premature ejaculation, genital herpes, testicular issues, hair loss, lack or excess in libido.

Various health conditions

Digestion problems: constipation, Crohn disease, abscess, hemorrhoids, acidity; Back problems: various conditions of tight or spastic muscles rendering a person bed bound; epilepsy; psoriasis; allergies; vision problems, hearing; severe emotional states, such as: uncontrollable fears, hallucinations, obsessions, panic attack, rage attacks, depression, sleep disorders, marital issues; severe pains of various kinds, such as: anal abscess, kidney stones, etc; hospitalized people in life threatening conditions, cancer, coma.

Hannah Pilnick

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