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Jerusalem Post
The International Jerusalem Post - `Healing Parents`
A parent who heals himself undergoes a purification process and takes an active role in his child’s healing process. This is according to Hannah Pilnick, who turned her dream of helping to ease the pain in children’s lives into a therapeutic method, which she teaches around the world
By Tali Herdevall

Channel 10
Channel 10 - `The Professionals`
“As if all the guilt parents have anyway is not enough, comes Hannah Pilnick, and claims that everything, all that relates to your child, be it a physical or mental problem, it is all related to you. But still there is something encouraging: you can also correct. And she revealed an ancient knowledge called 'healing parents', and we're going to talk about it during the interview...”
Interview in Hebrew, English subtitles.

Channel 10
Channel 10 - `how wonderful`, talk show
Dealing with traumas which pass from parents to children. Interview in Channel 10 (Israel). Interview in Hebrew, English subtitles.

Israel Hayom
Israel Hayom
"Super Spiritual". We, as parents, have a crucial influence on the health of our children. This is directly tied not only to our emotional and psychological situation, but also to our past and present experiences.
Smadar Salton. Article Published in Israel, and was translated from Herbew.

Israel Hayom
Maariv NRG
Superpower powder, forgiveness pill, anti-guilt pill, and anti-pettiness and anti-grudge pill. Hannah Pilnick is handing out to mothers pills that make them much better mothers, especially to themselves.
Hannah Pilnick. English version. Published in Maariv Nrg (Israel) in Hebrew.