Interview with Hannah Pilnick in Channel 10 - 'The Professionals'

February 10, 2011

The Professionals

Interview with Hannah Pilnick on Channel 10 (Israel)
Interview in Hebrew, English Subtitles
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Shira Felix hosts Hannah Pilnick in the show “The professionals” regarding the influence of parents on children's health and the parents' ability to improve the health of their children.

Apparently linking the children's suffering to the parents seems like placing blame on the parents, but Hannah Pilnick explains that it is not guilt but a natural ability that exists in every parent to influence the health of their children and Hannah turned this into a language and a healing method.

Hannah Pilnick explains in the interview that she developed the healing method “Healing Parents” out of her personal suffering, since she lost her father when she was an 8-month-old baby. In Hannah Pilnick’s view, the suffering of the parent, like the suffering her mother experienced in the loss of her father, is passed on to the children and affects their lives in various areas, including their health.

Hannah Pilnick explains that traumas experienced by a parent are passed from the mother to the child without words, starting from the moment of conception in the womb. In Hannah’s view, negative experiences that children experience stem from experiences that their parents experienced and these experiences pass on to the children and affect their lives. Parents have the ability to self-correct and influence the course of their children's lives.

According to Hannah Pilnick, a healing parent is a parent who understands their influence on their children from the moment of conception in the womb throughout the child’s life in this world. A healing parent is a parent who takes full responsibility for their life and cleans themself, because they know that as soon as they clean themself, they prevent suffering from their children, alleviates existing suffering and even cures suffering among their children. It can be emotional suffering such as social distress, physical suffering such as any type of illness or difficulty getting pregnant, or mental suffering such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

According to Hannah Pilnick, most of us are focused on the world of results, that is, the physical world where we see the symptoms from which the person suffers, but every result, every type of suffering, has a cause, and the cause for the suffering or every result is in the energetic world that is hidden from our eyes. In the energetic body are the reasons for what we experience, and in this energetic body lie past traumas we experienced.

Hannah Pilnick sees the pain that a person experiences as it was seen in ancient days. That is to say, for example, chest pain seen as suffering in the chest area – energy that has accumulated in this area – and must be cleansed to alleviate the suffering. Hannah Pilnick teaches how to cleanse and alleviate suffering in the book The Gift - The Power of Parenting which includes the holistic view Healing Parents and the CCH Healing Method which is part of this holistic view.