I Believe

My mission:

“ Prevent suffering and uproot it from the lives of children .”


I act out of complete belief in the following basic rules:

I believe that honoring parents is one of the most important laws of the universe. Parents have far-reaching influence on the lives of their children from the moment of conception to the day they leave this world. A person's future (at any age) is greatly affected by his relationship with his parents. The moment a person honors the parents, shows compassion, and accepts the reality that existed in the past, he is liberated and free for personal growth.
I believe that integrity, honesty, and humane morals lead the person to live a healthy life. A person's health is greatly affected by the his deeds, integrity, honesty, and morality. The moment a person commits an immoral act, he “stains” himself and the person he hurt. The cells in his body receive negative information that “poisons” the body in a manner that may allow suffering to emerge.
I believe that any life situation can be changed and that any disease can be cured. Energy can be moved and transformed. Situations of suffering are energetic and therefore they, too, can be moved and transformed.
I believe that every person has the ability to heal himself.
The full responsibility for a person’s life is solely his or her own.
I believe that people should deal with what they have in their life, their own development, and their preparation for the future.
I believe that both the powers of healing and information about healing are found within the person, and therefore only with his permission and through his willpower it is possible to uncover the information and lead the person to heal.
I believe that the cause of every physical, mental, or emotional suffering is energetic. In order to free the person from his suffering and distress, one needs to go back to the source, that is, the energy that has been accumulated, and clear it from the body. The moment we clear the energy, the signs and/or symptoms will disappear as well.
I believe that every genuine change starts from the inside out.
I believe that disease is meant to “serve” a person. Disease serves the person’s cleansing of his soul. It “awakens” the person and prompts him to engage in inner work. The moment the person has been prompted to work and to cleanse his soul, the powers of healing are aroused as well and he is on his way to be healed.
I believe that love is the strongest healing tool on earth. The energy of love seeps quietly to the cells and changes lives.