Healing Parents Knowledge

You can find the art of music, dancing, cooking, drawing and singing at every home.

What about the art of healing?

Through the “Healing Parents” knowledge, I help bring the art of healing back to its natural place - home. Regardless of your current practices, you can use this knowledge and take an active part in healing yourself and your children, maintain health and prevent suffering.

During our lifetime, the suffering exists, and people meet it in various ways, and in various ages.

Healing Parents is an ancient knowledge which provides an explanation of how suffering has evolved, and reveals ways in which we can prevent suffering and uproot it from humanity. The knowledge shows clearly and precisely the deep connection between parents and their children, the influence of parents on their children’s lives, physically, emotionally and mentally.

The Healing Parents knowledge delivers a clear message to humanity regarding the parents’ need to take an active part in their children’s healing; about the need of people to be their own healers.

The knowledge talks about the need of every person to go through a process of cleansing: cleansing of thoughts, deeds, intentions and negative past experiences. The knowledge includes tools and techniques to achieve this type of cleanliness. The cleaner a person is, the healthier he is, and can fulfill his potential. A parent who goes through this process of cleansing prevents suffering from his children and heals them, even without doing anything directly on his child.

To Achieve this cleanliness, the Healing Parents knowledge also includes a holistic, energetic healing method called Completion & Correction Healing (CCH). This healing method includes energetic healing tools and techniques which can be applied when the person is healthy. This way, the usage of the knowledge prevents suffering from happening to the person and to his children. The CCH Healing method can also be applied in any state of suffering. It  thus enables every person to take an active part in his own healing process as well as his children’s.

The healing method that I teach (CCH) is based on love, intention, and energy. The tools and the techniques are energetic, and every person can use them without any prior knowledge or experience.

Disease Redefined

Healing Parents knowledge refers to different life situations as energetic states which can be changed. It exposes how people used to function in the ‘early days’ era in order to resolve various energetic states. During my personal life as well as my work with my patients, I have used the ‘Healing Parents’ knowledge and made is suitable to our lives.

According to this knowledge, everything that exists around us is energy – every object or living organism is energy. A person is also made up of energetic bodies, and energies also reside within us. Since human beings are less connected to themselves, they usually are not skilled to see the energies around them and within them. What nowadays is defined as “sickness” (for example pneumonia, cancer, arthritis, etc…), is actually an energetic state.

The denser the energy is, the easier it is to see it visually with our eyes, or with equipment, for example through lab tests.

In the early days there were no lab tests, no invasive devices or urine tests to assist the diagnosis. However, they knew how to feel where energy is trapped and how to release it from the suffering person. In our days there are cases where people complain of pain in one area of the body, but the doctor says he cannot see a thing.

I’ll give an example: A 50-year-old man has been complaining that for several years now he has been experiencing chest pains. After being examined several times, the doctor claimed that there was nothing wrong with his heart. Yet a day after his eldest son immigrated to another country, the man suffered a heart attack, and then it became possible to see his heart problem and diagnose it. What happened? How did it suddenly become possible to diagnose the “disease”?

The pain that accompanied that person attested to energy being trapped in the chest area. When this energy had no outlet, the man suffered a heart attack.

Through deep observation, it is possible to identify the energy trapped in the chest before a heart attack takes place, release this energy from the person, and even see the source of this blocked energy. The source can be anything which the person experienced in the past. The experience resides within the human body in density levels that people nowadays are not skilled to see. This experience is kept as accumulated energy, and can take various forms within the energetic body. It can take a form of an object, animal, or the experience itself.

In the case of the man in the example above: While observing the man’s energetic body, the energy was identified in his chest area, as him while being a young man, sitting and crying.

As he was asked during observation; what happened? He shared telepathically that he is 16 years old and his girlfriend broke up with him. Through the observation, the observer experienced the man being 16. He experienced with him all of the internal conversations he conducted with himself and then corrected them, thus changing the consciousness of the man at 50. When a person completes this cleansing process, such information comes out from the subconscious to the consciousness, and he can easily deal with the information and even view it through a 'new set of glasses' because a correction was made. The same 50 year old man didn't think there is a connection between that heart breaking experience he had at 16 and his heart's condition today. Yet as he was asked if he had his heart broken at 16, he started reminiscing and brought out everything he went through. This person was asked to perform additional work on this issue and 'cleanse' the root of the problem, and so the next time he had to be apart from someone close to his heart, it was done without energetic accumulation in the heart.

In this way people cleanse themselves from energies that are entrapped within them and prevent great suffering from themselves and the following generation.

Throughout my personal life and treatments of other people, I discovered that energies that are trapped in children and cause diseases are in many cases energies that were transferred as heritage from their parents. I also discovered that parents that cleanse and heal themselves are sparing their children great suffering.

The answer to the question "why does a man suffer?" usually consists of more than one reason. At any situation of suffering, one of the reasons for suffering is latent in the parents. The "Healing Parents" knowledge exposes seven healing secrets, which are ways in which parents affect the lives of their children and so serve as a disease causing source. Removal of the sickening cause leads to alleviation of the suffering and even complete healing.

Therefore, I am appealing to every person and especially parents and ask you to familiarize yourselves with the "Healing Parents" knowledge. That each and every one of you will take whatever is necessary for you to heal yourself and prevent suffering; easing existing suffering and uprooting it altogether from humanity.

The knowledge touches various aspects of life, is right and essential for every person, at any age.

The increasing usage of the knowledge will lead to the situation that in a few years from now, people will use the ‘Healing Parents’ knowledge when they are healthy, and thus there will be a new generation, free of physical, emotional and mental suffering.

Hannah Pilnick

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