Super Spiritual - Article about Hannah Pilnick - Israel Hayom
The article was published in "Israel Hayom" on July 2010 in Israel. Below is the translation.  

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Super Spiritual

The Israelies in Los Angeles were captured with her charms, patients pay 1,000 shekels for a conversation with her • Hannah Pilnick, performing this summer workshops in Tel Aviv, believes that the source of diseases of children is in the parents

By Smadar Salton
Illustration by Yael Ramot

Before Liat (36), a homeopathic therapist from Kfar Saba, puts her five small children to sleep, she takes them to two baths: one regular, the other - "a bath of light." When a contagious fungus settled on their tongues, she invited in her mind, so she says, the "the fire of the soul" to burn the germs and viruses, and the fungus disappeared without using an oinment within a day. When the teacher whistled her up since her three year old son was crying all the time, she closed her eyes, and in her mind wrapped him and put him into her.Ten minutes later the teacher called to tell her not to come because he had calmed down.

Liat is one among many women that use everyday energetic tools to protect their children and sometimes also treat them. The method they learned at the workshop "Leaving the Bubble" by Hannah Pilnick, a Israeli Holistic Therapist, who two years ago moved to the United States to spread the doctrine known as CCH™ - Completion & Correction Healing. Pilnick arrived last week to Israel for a series of workshops and seminars in July - August, and for a workshop "abortion amendment" designed for women who experienced abortions.

Energtic Heredity

It is not simple to accept the base concept of Pilnick: As if we do not have enough inherent guilt which is almost built-in every Hebrew mother who juggles between a home, a husband, children and career, comes Pilnick and claims that we, as parents, also have a crucial influence on the health of our children. This, says Pilnick, is directly tied not only to our emotional and psychological situation, but also to our past and present experiences: repressed memories, past emotional wounds, frustrations and fears.

Before you get washed in a Tsunami of guilt, listened to the other side of the coin, according to Pilnick: Precisely because of that, parents have the ability to heal their children, help them and prevent them from suffering. How? Using Energetic spiritual tools on the one hand, and through energetic self-cleansing processes on the other. It is important to emphasize that Pilnick's method does not presume in any way to replace conventional medicine but rather to provide tools for protection, for accelerating healing and for support the recovery process.

"We inherit to our children not only physical ailments but also hereditary negative experiences obtained in our 'Energetic Body'," explains Pilnick, "The body consists of three parts: the physical body, with the body systems and organs, mental body that includes the brain and consciousness, and the energetic body which accumulates the person's experiences from the moment he was implanted in his mother's womb. The negative experiences that are in the energetic body affect the other two bodies, leading to a physical, emotional and mental suffering, and it is a kind of suffering that is passed unconsciously from parents of children. In fact, when we uproot these negative experiences we clean also our physical body from factors that produce disease, and this 'cleanliness' goes to our children."

Spiritual Start-Up

Pilnick (36) began her way as a classical homeopath, and for years treated mothers and children. Later she studied energetic healing and clairvoyancing and began to use it in her treatments. "I found that the energetic healing and clairvoyancing allow me to receive additional information about the patients, beyond the information they knew and gave me," she says.

Thus, eight years ago, was born CCH™ method, or in its other name: Transformothers®. Two years ago came to fruition the vision of Hannah - to distribute the method in the U.S. - and she packed her husband Nadav and the three little children (two and a half, 5 and a baby), and went to live in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Nadav, who was a senior manager in a High-Tech company, has become a business development manager of his wife's spiritual start-up in USA. Meanwhile, she managed to write and publish in Hebrew "The Gift - To be healing parents", a book and three CDs, which includes meditations and exercises. The Israelies in Los Angeles have been enchanted by the charms of her workshops, with patients in her clinic in Los Angeles counted philanthropists and businessmen, and a series of patients from Israel continuing to still be "remote clients" and pay her 1,000 Shequels per hour to the provisions of healing by telephone. Results, According to the excited letters of gratitude she shows me, are clear. "Our children are a looking glass to see ourselves", she concludes, "and instead of seeing it, we prefer to send them to the glazier."