From a woman to a superhuman

Hannah Pilnick - From a woman to a superhuman


Every person has the ability to connect to themselves and to the higher worlds and receive accurate answers in different areas of life, both for themselves and for their children.This deep ability to connect is natural for every person, especially for women, and if I want to be precise, for mothers.

People do not understand how women reveal inner powers and extraordinary abilities when they become mothers. The reason is once you become a mother, powerful inner abilities that you received from the Creator on the day you were born start to operate and you are transformed from a Woman to Superhuman. This is why, Mothers, are able to feel what is happening with their children without the limitation of time and distance; this is why they can always help their children, even when they are sad, tired, painful, or exhausted.

This unique ability is also the reason mothers feel their children wherever they may be. They cry when their children cry and laugh when their children are happy. This is why mothers fight blindly for their children, whether they are right or not.

And this is the reason that when a mother prays, the heavens open up for her and allow her to negotiate with everyone that will help her get what she wants for her children. A mother’s strong desire to help her children and her focused intention make her a precise and determined messenger who can recruit the aid of the heavens.