What's the big deal about honoring parents?

Hannah Pilnick - What's the big deal about honoring parents?


Honoring parents is perceived differently by each of us.
There are no clear rules of do and don’ts.

Parents often ask their children to honor them, but
do they know what they mean
when they ask their children to do so?
Does anyone at school or anywhere else
teach children how to honor their parents?
And what's the Big Deal about honoring parents, anyway?

Personally, I feel strongly that it is a big deal!
Moreover, I think you need to INSIST that your children honor you.
This is not due to ego, and it is not even for your sake.
It is for the sake of your children.

The first principle on which the
“Healing Parents” knowledge is based
is honoring parents because this principle
has tremendous impact on the life and health of a person.