How People Harm Their Divine Spark

Hannah Pilnick - How People Harm Their Divine Spark


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In their everyday lives, people unconsciously hurt their inner flame, their vital force, and as a result suffer. In order to distance suffering from your life it is important for me to share with you how people harm their inner fire, their vital force, and what you can do in order to prevent this in your life and the life of your loved ones.

So the question is, what causes harm to a person’s divine spark?

Harm to the divine spark affects the health and well-being of a person. The greater the burning of the divine spark, the healthier the person is.

There are two paths that may lead to harm in the divine spark: an active way and a passive way.

The Passive Way

In the passive way, people take no stand and fail to do anything to extinguish the fire or to keep it burning. They just stand in place and do nothing with the fire until the bonfire fades on its own.

These people do nothing to develop and advance in their lives. They make no effort and assume no responsibility; they do not leave their comfort zone but they do not harm others either. They stay on the same course for years. In some cases, these are either people who “bury their head in the sand” and do not see what is going on in their lives or people who would rather live in denial than deal with reality.

The Active Way

In the active way you do something to extinguish the fire. You can, for example, pour water on it, throw sand on it, take out all the firewood, and give it to others, so your fire dies off. You can smother the fire at once using one big tarp, you can call for outside help, or ask your neighbors to come help you extinguish your fire.

In the active way two paths lead to harming the divine spark:

The first path is powerful penetration into the physical and/or mental body in a way that prevents these two bodies from blocking the entry into the energetic body. An example to this would be a car accident, sexual assault, childbirth, miscarriage, or emotional abuse.

The second path is through weak, repetitive penetration into the physical and/or mental bodies. Despite the penetration being weak it has a cumulative effect on the divine spark. This could be either due to external causing elements, such as harmful foods, medicine, drugs, gossip, lies, or internal causing elements, such as unrelenting feelings of guilt, obsessive thoughts, self hatred, worry, and fears.

Hannah Pilnick