To All the Mothers in the World

Hannah Pilnick - To All the Mothers in the World


To all the mothers in the world, this is to remind you how amazing you are.

From the moment you became a mother, and without noticing it, someone placed huge bags weighing a ton on your shoulders and told you: “From now on you must carry these everywhere, for eternity.” If you still remember, you told yourself: “They can’t be serious! After all, it can’t be that, without any training, a human being is given such baggage and expected to survive a whole life.”

Months and years have passed, and you kept on hoping that one of these days the burden would be lifted, or at least minimized. At times you sought help; someone who would take the heavy burden from you for a short while. If your partner was nice, at times he would carry some of the burden, and if he wasn’t, perhaps your mother or a good friend would. I don’t want to think that there was nobody there to help. One thing is certain: even if help was available, the burden was always returned to you in full.

However, you know that nobody wanted or still wants to make things difficult or bad for you. They simply wanted to equip you with everything you need in order to raise your children. These bags comprise great treasures, and if you know how to use them, they will serve you and your loved ones. Overall, with the exception of these bags’ weight, you greatly enjoy what they contain and you consistently use about 70% of the treasures inside them.

So what kind of treasures do these bags contain?

First, there is the Superpower powder. I’m sure you have used this powder. You know, the one that makes you superhuman; the one that gives you superpowers. When you are super-tired, it allows you to still be awake and happy; when you are sick and your body aches, it enables you to get up and cook; when you’re completely exhausted and your child asks for something, or heaven forbid when that child aches or cries, suddenly you’re no longer exhausted at all, as if exhaustion never occurred.

These bags also contain the Forgiveness pill. Even if the children hurt you terribly or insulted you, you take this pill and always forgive. You always do.

There’s the Sixth Sense pill - Because of this pill you know everything about your children: What they think, how they feel, what will make them happiest, what saddens them, and what they want more than anything. It doesn’t matter how old they are or how far away they live. You feel them and “smell” them on the inside without words. This is a supreme sensory ability that only the Creator shares.

Next we have the Love and Warmth potion. I know with certainty that you’re most addicted to this potion. I know that at times, you take it more than once a day. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible for you to love like this, with no limits. The funniest thing is the inexplicable enthusiasm and that inner warmth that grows within you when you see your children. To an outside observer it may seem odd, yet for you - and only for you - this is the best this world could have created.

Then we have the Neutralizing pills. Some mothers did not read all the instructions, and not because they aren’t great and perfectionist; it’s only because they were given a kit in a language they don’t know. This is why it’s important for me to tell you that there are some pills you must know. They are marked in red, so maybe they deterred you and you were scared to use them.

Pills you Must Know

The Anti-Guilt pill - Based on research I performed in the past 60 years, I discovered that most mothers are unfamiliar with this pill, and therefore they constantly feel guilty over everything that happens to their children, even if they have nothing to do with it. You must take it every day, just like the love potion, and something wonderful will happen. Instead of weighing a ton, the bags you carry will weigh half a ton. You likely don’t believe it’s possible, so try it and share what you feel with me.

The Anti-Pettiness and Anti-Grudge pill - This ability is inherent in every woman and it is mostly directed at the partner. For years you’ve been writing in a secret notebook everything he’s been doing, or not doing. For example: “He didn’t support me after my second daughter was born,” “he wasn’t by me when I needed him the most,” “he’s not helping me,” “he went on a trip with his friends when I was sick,” and what not…

You know this pill and realize it can erase everything, yet you choose not to use it, because then you’ll become truly friendly, and not only to your children. I warmly recommend it. I take it at least once a week and I must note that my life has changed completely. This pill greatly helps maintain my inner purity and leaves me with much energy. It clears space for dealing with myself, my abilities and my development, and it reminds me every day that I’m the only one who bears responsibility for my own life.

The Anti-Imagination and Anti-Fear pill - I know you take it every day, but I highly recommend that you dilute the pill in a bottle of spring water and carry this bottle with you the whole day. Take a sip every 30 minutes, and then it will have an effect the whole day. If you happen to forget the bottle at home, borrow it from a friend. There’s always a mother equipped with a bottle somewhere around you. The pill will remind you that you cannot always safeguard your children and that you must trust the universe. You can bless your children, take care of them, and provide them with energetic protection, but your children are safeguarded by their high guidance and the Creator of this world.

The Anti-Phoniness pill - Mothers are the best at faking. They fake so well that they even fake themselves and don’t feel a need to use this pill. I recommend that you take it every day, and then you will always be telling the truth. You will express what you want and need to express at all times, without thinking about others or feeling like a victim.

The last pill I want to discuss is the New Day pill. You don’t use it much, yet it can help you greatly if you take it at night before you go to sleep. It will immediately relax your body, remove all the negative thoughts, and remind you that what happened today is already in the past and that tomorrow is a new and clean day. Every day is independent of the others and everything is possible.

This week we celebrate a special day: Mother’s Day. ToThis week we celebrate a special day: Mother’s Day. Today you are allowed (but don’t have to, of course) put down the bags and let the universe run everything. For one moment, you can experience your body without all the baggage that accompanies you. For one moment you can be with yourself only, quietly. True, deep quiet.

So what’s left to say? That despite the burden, being a mother is worth it, and you have no substitute. You’re the best and you were granted a great privilege, to hold life within you and raise adorable children. Your children could not have asked for somebody better than you. Every mother, in her own way, gave and is still giving everything she can.

Mothers need support and for that reason we have each other. You will never be alone. Talk, ask for help, and there will always be someone there to lend you a hand.

I wish each I wish you much health, both physically and mentally, and I wholeheartedly wish that your children, and all your loved ones, will always be healthy, happy and surrounded by love, and that they will never miss you.

I send you a big hug and much, much love and strength.

Happy Mother's day!

With Love,