The best medal I have ever received

Hannah Pilnick - The best medal I have ever received


During my life I got a lot of medals,
But yesterday morning I got the most amazing medal in my life.
A huge, shiny, and very heavy medal-
I got the Wonder-Mother Medal and the most amazing thing is that I gave it to myself!

I got up in the morning with high spirits.
I thought to myself, “What an amazing mother I am,
it is so great for my children that I am their mother,
what a pleasure for my husband to have me.”
And after a few more seconds of thinking about being a great mother,
I decided:

“Hannah, today you are going to wear a large medal
and tell yourself all day: ‘You are so fortunate!’
Fortunate to have good, healthy children
Fortunate to have a husband who is a great partner
Fortunate to be healthy and be able to give love to my children
And most of all, I am fortunate to have my mother,
who over the years has shown me what a mother is.”
So this year on Mother's Day,
I chose to thank my dear mother for who she is
and tell her to stay as she is, whole and perfect,
joyful and healthy.
You, too, have a mother, and it does not matter
if she lives in our world or in other dimensions:
It is important, at any time and in any dimension,
to thank her for everything she gave you.

Think about how many medals she has given up in her life
so you’ll have a better life.
She might never have received a medal from anyone
so today is the day to give her a huge, heavy medal,
to remind her how grateful you are to her for all the hard work,
and how much you appreciate her
for her endless efforts and devotion.

Wishing all the mothers in the world
to stay healthy and wholesome,
and to see your children and the next generation healthy and happy.

With love,