The Divine Spark’s Role

Hannah Pilnick - The Divine Spark’s Role


This article is part 2 in the series The Divine Spark. If you haven't read part 1, we recommend you to first read Part 1: The Divine Spark

The supreme role of the divine spark is to supply life force to all three bodies. It is the center of the person’s life, it is the engine of the human machine and so the brighter it burns, the healthier the person. The divine spark lends the three bodies its power, allowing them to perform their roles in the best way possible and to protect the person.

The divine spark can be likened to fire; the greater the flame in the divine spark, the stronger and healthier the person. When the divine spark burns brightly it gives the physical, mental, and energetic body powerful life force to remove any element that invades them.

The best situation for the divine spark is when all three bodies are healthy; that is, working harmoniously and free of all suffering. This harmonious state allows the divine spark to burn brightly and freely which enables the person it inhabits to realize his full potential.

The divine spark may burn at various degrees. As long as combustion exists, even the slightest bit, the spark burns and the person is alive in this world.

The more you invest in lighting a fire, the bigger the bonfire burns. To preserve the fire you must always be vigilant and you must keep working. You have to feed the fire with more wood, twigs, sticks, and other kindling, or it will fade—and, with time, die. It is the same with the divine spark. The more you care for it, work with it, and use it, the stronger it gets. The more people use the qualities that are in the divine spark, i.e. the ability to create, rejoice, influence, accept, and so forth, the more their divine spark burns.

The divine spark provides the person fire—vital force—with which the person acts and lives his everyday life. The greater the burning of the divine spark, the greater the vital force of the person, and thus the healthier the person.

In their everyday lives, people unconsciously hurt their inner flame, their vital force, and as a result suffer. In order to distance suffering from your life it is important for me to share with you how people harm their inner fire, their vital force, and what you can do in order to prevent this in your life and the life of your loved ones.

We will talk about this on our next topic.

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