The Essence of Life

Hannah Pilnick - The Essence of Life


The funnest day of the week has arrived, Friday!
This is the day we gather around the table and summarize the week.
Each one shares what happened to them during the week,
what they achieved, what they are proud of,
and of course, what they need to improve
and what they chose to focus on during the following week.

This week, I asked everyone to tell me in a word or two
what life is for them.
The answers were fascinating:
David: Two things: The first thing is freedom.
Inner freedom to choose and do whatever you want.
The other thing is family.
Jonathan: Love for everything you do in life,
love for your work, your family, your studies.
Nadav: Self-improvement. For example,
improve patterns that limit you.
Naama: Enjoy everything you have.
Hannah: Giving. Without giving, you die.

I was amazed to discover how simply and quickly
each member of the household knew
how to summarize what life is for them.

So what is life for you?
Pause the reading for a second, close your eyes,
and take a deep breath.
Ask yourself from within and write down
in one or two words: What is life for me?
Now ask yourself: Do I live my life in accordance with how I see life?
Does Jonathan put love every day in what he does?
Does Nadav every day work on improving himself?
Is Naama happy with everything she has?
Does David feel daily freedom?
or does Hannah feel that she is giving every day?
And what about you,
do you live your life in accordance with how you see life?

The answer for most people is “Yes” and “No:”
“Yes, I put love” or “Yes, I’m into giving,”
but “No, not as I would have liked.”
What a miss is it to live life different from
the way you believe you should or want to live.
You compromise and live passively.
You actually dream and not live:
Dreaming about the life you want but not actually living it.

This week I watched on TV a competition called “Skin Wars.”
There, I saw how competitors use their unique abilities
and bring their artistic potential out.
It's unbelievable how they “squeeze” all their wonderful abilities
and under huge pressure create amazing works.

How many people do you know who "squeeze" from themselves
all their abilities day by day to live the life they want?
I don’t know many.

There are many reasons why people don’t use all their abilities.
Such reasons are: life habits, fear to give, fear of failure,
life circumstances that limit the person,
relationships that limit, or an illusion
that there is no money or no time.

So, will we continue to dream about life and not live it?
Definitely not! So what do we do?
After you know what the essence of life is for you,
it is important that each morning, you sit with yourself
and look how you make into your daily reality
the things you most believe that must be in your life,
how you make it your anchor.

If, for example, Naama sits with herself every day before going to school and focuses on seeing how happy she is with everything she has, she is likely to be a happy young woman, full of positive energy, surrounded by positive people who love her. Her life forces will grow, her inner fire will increase and it will leave her with joy, creativity, patience, passion, and other positive energies that will enable her to easily use her potential every day and realize everything she desires.

If your spouse and children live the essence of their lives every day, think what a bright and happy environment you will have at home.
It will be a home of people who fulfill themselves daily; a home of happy, healthy people; people who are creators, initiators , and most importantly—of living people.

Wishing you and your family
to live and revive others.

With love,