They are your children

Hannah Pilnick - They are your children


How many times have you found yourself explaining to your child what they need to improve? How many times have you given them a tip on how to deal with different life situations, but found in front of you, instead of a naive child that you raised with so much care and love, a young "lawyer" who turns every conversation into a discussion of proofs and facts to why they are right and why the thing you say makes no sense?

In every generation the children become more sophisticated. They are wise, educated, and sharp. But don’t forget that even if they look brave, strong, and educated, they are still children, and not just children:

They are your children!!

They came from you. You and no other knows and feels what is most accurate and right for them, and every word, advice, and encouragement you give them is stronger than any fact or scientific proof they might give you.

After all, they are smart enough to know that there is nothing like a mother's love and life experience.

So continue to be who you are, persist on teaching, give them advice, hug them, and never stop repeating the same things you believe in. These precious gifts get absorbed inside them deeply and will serve them in the future in all areas of life.

Wishing you joy and peace with your children!
With love,